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Pepper Panic Download

Pepper Panic Saga is yet another match-three puzzle game from the creators of Candy Crush Saga that'll steal your leisure hours by the handful.

I ll give you a hint: it s something colorful, charming, and muy caliente.

The latest game from King is Pepper Panic Saga, and (so you should probably stop reading this and click that link already).

Nov 20, Have you been wondering what the makers of, and were cooking up next?

When they grow big enough, they explode and if you get a chain reaction, you get a Pepper Panic!

Am in the only one who does that?

Help him travel through 70 fun-filled levels in search of peppers to pop.

Obviously, dogs aren't good farmers, so you need to help Pepper grow his crops.

As players match like-colored peppers, they grow in size.

Pepper Panic Saga stars Pepper, a young pup with a curious appetite for hot stuff.

Stay tuned for our full review in the coming days.

Pepper Panic Saga challenges players to match up peppers in order to make them grow, burst, and set off a series of chain reactions that lead to a high-scoring "pepper.

Ok I ve probably spoiled the surprise with the headline.

He eventually leaves his doggy life to pursue a career growing peppers.

Nov 29, Start writing a letter to your loved ones: You're going on a pepper-growing journey courtesy of King, and you're probably not coming back for a while.

Pepper Panic Download

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